Saturday, January 27, 2007

I hate MTV

Thoughts concerning "My Super Sweet 16": I absolutely HATE this show. Last night, I watched a special on 20/20 about children living in a town called "Camden" who don't have electricity, three warm meals, or opportunities to get a good education. Today, MTV aired another episode of that dreaded show in which a 15 year old made her parents spend $300,000 on a birthday party. What is wrong with people? Have we gone insane?

Thoughts concerning "Engaged and Underage": I definitely don't think you're too young to get married at 21 years of age (heck - I did it!). However, I do think that lots of people are way too immature at that age. The couple that was on the episode today featured a couple that will be living in a cabin behind the groom's house! Come on people! Buck up! Get a job, make some money and move into your own damn house before you get married! Sheesh!

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