Saturday, January 27, 2007

I hate MTV

Thoughts concerning "My Super Sweet 16": I absolutely HATE this show. Last night, I watched a special on 20/20 about children living in a town called "Camden" who don't have electricity, three warm meals, or opportunities to get a good education. Today, MTV aired another episode of that dreaded show in which a 15 year old made her parents spend $300,000 on a birthday party. What is wrong with people? Have we gone insane?

Thoughts concerning "Engaged and Underage": I definitely don't think you're too young to get married at 21 years of age (heck - I did it!). However, I do think that lots of people are way too immature at that age. The couple that was on the episode today featured a couple that will be living in a cabin behind the groom's house! Come on people! Buck up! Get a job, make some money and move into your own damn house before you get married! Sheesh!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

So... I guess one of the reasons I decided to start this blog is because I just don't write in my journal enough. I can type WAY faster than I write, so maybe this will make up for what I don't write in my journal. I'm new to being married... it's only been about six months since we tied the knot. More than likely, I'll be writing about graduate school (which I'm trying desparately to get into), my two jobs (which I only do because I need the money), and my relationship with my husband (which I'm trying not to let go stale too early). I feel like I'm going through a big life change right now... looking into other religions... wondering if I'm bi-curious AFTER getting married... and pondering how comfortable I can be sexually with my husband. Life... what a ride.